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THE Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) has been commended for embarking on engagement meetings with stakeholders on the child online protection service

This was during the child online protection stakeholders’ engagement meeting held in Rufunsa district on Wednesday.

District Commissioner, Judith Chama said the availability and penetration of electronic platforms has continued to affect social attitudes, community values between individuals and general interactions

Ms Chama said that in as much as social and electronic media platforms provide opportunities for the general public, the growing availability of technologies and new internet services have tremendously exposed children and young people to increased risks.

She explained that while children are exposed to illicit content such as pornography, as well as falling prey to child online dating, hate speech, violent content and cyberbullying at an early age.

The District Commissioner noted that cyberbullying and other forms of peer to peer violence can affect young people, hence the need to have services that protect them from such vices.

She commended ZICTA for enhancing government effort towards mitigating the risks of cybercrimes with a number of interventions, among them, the enactment of three pieces of legislation that ensure citizens and children are protected online.

Among the laws are the Cyber Security and Cyber-Crime Act No. 2 of 2021, the Data Protection Act No. 3 of 2021 and the Electronic Communications and Transaction Act No 4 of 2021 which are all aimed at creating confidence, security and trust in cyberspace, for all internet users.

And ZICTA Manager Consumer Protection and Compliance, Edgar Mlauzi called for consented efforts in the protection of the child, from the use of social and electronic media.

Mr Mlauzi said the child online protection should not be left to ZICTA alone but needs a holistic approach to protect the child in the use of social and electronic media.

He said each one has a part to play in the global effort to protect children online hence the need to safeguard our children from the wrong use of the internet.

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